19th November Newsletter

Mass and Service Times at St Aidan’s and St Jude’s    Tel 01942 511630 or St. Jude’s Tel: 01942 244864
Day St Aidan’s St Jude’s
Sunday 9.00am  George Spain A/R 10.30 &6.30 Mass
Monday 9.30 am Mass 9.30am Communion Service
Tuesday 9.30am Communion Service 9.30am Mass
Wednesday 9.30 am communion Service 9.30am Mass
Thursday 9.30 am Communion  Service 9.30am Mass
Friday 9.30 am Mass 9.30am  Communion service
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available at St Aidan’s after Mass

Collections:   Standing Orders £184.00 Envelopes £, Plate £, Hospice £. Cafod £, NO details available this week

Thank you for your generosity.

Long term sick

Elizabeth Danbury, Ted Houghton, Margaret Skellon, John Leicester, Kay Doolan, Dominic Hanley, Connor Hanley, Alex Hadwin, Leonard Abrams, Sheila Molyneux, Pauline Whelan, Teresa Barnes, Berenice Connelly,  Margaret Molloy, John Stevenson,

Ethan Fiddler, Bella Morris, Anthonipiliai Aloysius, Samantha Gee, Bernard Hoare, Barbara Harris. Mave Farrell , , Kalan Brewster, Angela McIvor, Marie Duffy , Roy Baldwin & Lou Roberts

Eucharistic Ministers : A. Brennan, S. Brown, G. Callaghan, M. Cardy
Communion to the Sick : R. & G. Callaghan
The Holy Father’s prayer Intentions for the month of November from “Mission Today” Christians in Asia

That Christians in Asia, bearing witness to the gospel in word and deed, may promote dialogue, peace and mutual understanding especially with those of other religions

From the 1st Sunday of Advent 3 new parishes will be created in Wigan and 1 parish will remain.

The present geographical Parishes of St. John’s, St Patrick’s, & St. William’s will be formed into one new parish called St william’s. the parish will use the churches of St John’s & St Patrick’s. Fr Ian O’Shea will be the parish priest.

The present geographical parishes of St. Cuthbert’s, St. Edward’s and Sacred heart will be formed into one new parish called St. Edward’s. The parish will use the churches of Sacred Heart & St. Cuthbert. Fr. Aidan Kelly will be the parish priest & Dean.

The present Parishes of ST. Jude & ST. Aidan will be formed into one new parish called St Jude & St. Aidan. The parish will use the churches of St. Jude & St Aidan. Fr John Causey will be the parish priest.

The present parish of St. Mary’s will remain for the time being as a parish. Fr. John Johnson will remain as parish priest.

This is a new start for all the new parishes. I urge all the parishioners to embrace this opportunity & to pray for the work of the Church in Wigan.

Mass changes from 1st Sunday of Advent

St Aidan’s Monday 9.00 am Exposition 9.30 Mass; St Jude’s Tuesday 9.00am Exposition 9.30 Mass; St Jude’s Wednesday 6.30pm Confessions 7.00 Mass. St. Aidan’s Thursday 9.00am Parish Rosary 9.30 Mass. St. Jude’s  Friday 8.30- 9.30am Exposition 9.30 Service of Word & Sacrament. St. Aidan’s Friday 9.30 am Service of Word & Sacrament St. Jude’s Saturday Confessions 5.00 – 5.20pm Vigil Mass 5.30. St Aidan’s Sunday Confessions 8.30- 8.45 am Mass 9.00 St Jude’s Sunday 10.30am Mass

During November we remember our loved ones who have died. Please place your Pious list intentions in the box provided NO money please in box or envelopes Thank you.
Brownies :- please continue to save your stamps there is a box on the newspaper table, and thank you to everyone who sponsored us through the co – op charity.
Fairtrade Our stall will be open this weekend .We have a big selection of Christmas cards , biscuits , cakes and chocolate. Also Advent calendars. All profit goes to CAFOD
The Cafod Memorial Mass for deceased supporters of CAFOD will take place at Sacred Heart , Liverpool Rd Ainsdale Merseyside PR8 3BP on Saturday 25th November at 5.30pm Tea , coffee & biscuits will be served afterwards. Celebrant Fr. Tony Slingo….
This Sunday  we remember our parishioners who have died during the last year; Mona Breen, Margaret Rowbottom, Ethel Mary Tinsley, George Sinnott, Jacqueline Fletcher, John O’Donnell, Julia Mary Walls, Celia Roberts, Maurice Smith, Arthur Worthington Anthony Evans
Please see the Mass Schedule for the Deanery of wigan on the Notice board. Copies are available in the porch. These new times commence on the 1st Sunday of Advent i.e. The weekend of 2nd /3rd December

St. Aidan’s Parish Centre

Birthdays , Christenings, Weddings, Meetings, Anniversaries, Funerals

Contact Pat on 01942 211121 or just pop in for a chat

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